Advanced Duct Systems Designs Advanced E-commerce Shopping Cart Tech

What’s so amazing about developing an online shopping cart for selling ducting pieces on the net? Any individual that deals with ducting parts will let you know, it’s actually rather challenging to execute, due to the fact that there is an incredible range of duct parts measurements, as well as each and every one has a different cost.

Standard measurement variables include specific lengths, diameters as well as angles and all these variables mean that regular on-line shopping carts aren’t able to tackle the large quantity of variables, without resorting to cataloguing the very same product again and again, with the only variation being the dimension, which turns using the shopping cart into something that is quite bewildering and unwieldy for a potential customer checking over the range of products.

What follows here is an example in practice:

Let’s just say you intended to get some straight, standard galvanized duct. This is a fairly straight forward product, but the selection of length as well as diameter permutations is fairly substantial. Firstly there is the duct length. Typical galvanized ducting can be found in three popular lengths:

Half a meter, 1 meter and 2 meters.

Next we need to think about the wide variety of diameters the item is available in, in this example we’ll show diameters which are the most popular, which are as follows:

80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 275mm, 300mm, 350 mm as well as 400mm.

As you can see, this means we have 3 various sizes as well as 14 different diameters, so to set up an online store just for straight galvanised ducting, it would demand 42 specific catalogue units. And that’s just for straight galvanised ducting! There’s a myriad of other pieces individuals using galvanized duct could also need, for example; lobsterback bends, branch parts, telescopic ductwork, ductwork with door accessibility, rings, gaskets, gates, valves, sweeps … the selections go on and on, and every one of these also has an array of diameters, lengths and even sometimes other variables, like angles.

You may be wondering about already shopping carts on the market that already accommodate a variety of products like shoes and clothing for example, which can vary both colour and size and this is true, however when you change the colour or size of an item of clothing the price doesn’t need to change along with it, and that’s what’s different in ducting product lines, every variation in size has a different price and this is the degree of complexity that the average online store doesn’t cater for.


Envisage being a customer attempting to explore an e-commerce shopping cart to find as well as get the ducting components that will be needed to put together a complete ductwork system? Just how unfriendly and also convoluted would it be to attempt to maneuver hundreds of different ductwork pieces, all with varying diameters and lengths?

This bewildering array of variables has made web-based purchasing for ducting parts wearisome as well as time wasting. Yet not from now on! As a result of Advanced Duct Systems have just recently addressed this challenge by putting together an unique online store where a customer need but visit one particular component webpage to pick out any variable for that piece from a drop down menu, and have the sales prices for any order of variables update real-time in the webpage on the cart.

This makes on-line browsing and also purchasing as easy as pie, as you can now buy several diameters and also lengths from the one web page! You can also get total specifications from the e-commerce shopping cart in a pdf format from the same webpage.

So if you run an industry that needs to order ducting components, I invite you to consider the benefits of using ADS to get your items online. Orders are delivered straight to their pick and pack locations and you receive an order confirmation directed via email. No more faxing or ringing through orders and even the chance of “you verbalized one thing they heard another” slip-ups in orders is likewise done away with.


Advanced Duct Systems provides standard galvanised ductwork, pneumatically-driven tubing, powder coated ducting, pneumatically-driven conveying ductwork systems, stainless-steel ductwork and also flex ducting online, from the world’s simplest to utilize online shopping cart for acquiring duct. Take a look for yourself next time you require to acquire duct units. And, wholesale and trade customers can receive special rates through being administered a designated code that awards them with trade buyer charges.